Rarely #ordinary 

We are all so uniquely ordinary in our own rights


In the world of PDA and parenting you’d be forgiven the momentary wish for ‘ordinary’ but life is rarely that. 

Sure we all get accustomed to what #ordinary looks like but it’s hugely subjective and elicits fantasies of what we believe other people’s ordinary to be. Is it better? Is it calmer? These are my regular queries! They don’t serve any purpose except reminding me to focus on on the positives of our ordinary day/week/life no matter how different/absurd or  un-ordinary it may appear!

Mummagrizzlybear squeezes a great deal into her one day a week off to accomplish ‘ordinary’ things like shopping and house work and a girly catch up preferably with lunch and of course time to blog…


…Or time to multi-task (see previous post  https://mummagrizzlybear.wordpress.com/2017/03/21/sen-parental-multi-tasking-calls-for-recharging/) and  blog whilst fending off sibling battles, pleas for help with home work and juggling the evening meal prep with childcare needs before daddybear returns home to tag in & open a sharing bottle of wine… it is Friday after all… and its ordinary that after a week of juggling (not struggling) that we find a way to unwind.

Ordinary I’m sure. What is it like for adults who have not become parents? Or non SEN parents? What is ordinary Friday behaviour? I’m guilty of making assumptions about many other ‘ordinary’ ways of life. It’s not envy. It’s curiosity. It’s grounding to discover many others doing the same and many more doing things differently. We are all so uniquely ordinary in our own rights.

☆ 3 positives ☆

1) it’s Friday and that means the adult tag team can be in full force and parenting becomes a two man job

2) great friends invite us for drinks and they don’t blink an eye when we turn up in all our un-ordinary glory

3) the kids are playing a mini disco from the iPad, selecting tunes from Spotify and you tube…their eclectic taste is straight from mummagrizzlybear and the last 3 songs have been ‘dangerzone’ from top gun, black betty and summer of 69. Super taste in my book!

Author: mummagrizzlybear

I write for my own therapeutic release of the stresses we encounter as a family navigating the SEN world with Autism and PDA. I am passionate about reducing isolation and encouraging everyone to create a #virtualvillage of a support network so that nobody on this journey of parenting needs to feel alone or inadequate. You can comment on a blog, or drop me an email at mummagrizzlybear@outlook.com or come and find me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mummagrizzlybear … whatever you do, please do not feel alone.

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